List of topics

List of topics PBA 2019

  • Affinity and bioactivity (including ligand binding analytics)
  • Biomedical and diagnostic applications (including biomarkers, biosensors)
  • Biopharmaceuticals (bioanalysis and metabolism)
  • Drug discovery and development (including MS and imaging in ADME studies)
  • Omics and multiple applications (microbiome, metabolomics and proteomics, personalized medicine)
  • Microscale analysis and reactions
  • Natural products pharmaceuticals, including a special session focused on the emerging field – medical cannabis
  • Pharmaceutical quality control and drug safety (counterfeiting, SFC, chiral applications, environmental fate of drugs)
  • Pharmaceutical data processing (multivariate approaches, fingerprinting, chemometrics, QbD)
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Emerging trends
  • Pharmaceutical thermal analysis and related techniques
  • Crystallography and polymorphism