Young scientists contest

What is this competition all about?
The PBA-2019 Organizing Committee invites students, young scientists and researchers in the field of pharmaceutical an biomedical analysis to submit their abstracts and join the Young Scientist Competition.
Who is eligible to enter?
Students (including Ph.D. students and postdocs),young scientists and researchers born in or after 1980.
The winner will receive a prize:
Free registration to the next PBA Symposium, sponsored by its Organizing Committee.
How to enter to Competition?
It’s very simple:

  • Submit your abstract (up to 300 words) via the Symposium website no later than July 4, 2019. Please note that abstracts sent by email or fax will be rejected automatically.
  • Remember to include your date of birth during the abstract submission process.
  • Register for the congress and pay the registration fee.

So what are the guidelines for submitting?

  • Submitters must be born in or after 1980.
  • Submitters must be the first author of the abstract.
  • Submissions must be the student’s own work. It is the responsibility of the teacher to ensure that the project to be submitted is the work of the identified student or team.
  • Submitters may receive support; however, all support must be clearly stated in an Acknowledgements list.
  • Submitters must register and pay the registration fee.
  • Attendance at the Symposium by the submitters is mandatory.
  • Submitters who cancel for any reason their attendance will not be allowed to compete; their presentations will be excluded from the schedule and will not be evaluated for a prize.
  • Only the winner can claim the award in person at the Symposium.
  • Remember: the number of participants is limited. The submitted abstracts will be evaluated by the Organizing Committee – and only 10 of them will be allowed to participate in Young Scientist Competition.
  • Those of the Submitters, who will be chosen for Young Scientist Competition at the special Plenary session at the Symposium, must prepare an oral presentation for 10 min. It will be followed by 3 min for questions.